Treat Your Wedding Guests to a Limo Ride from Detroit Metro Airport

Airport Limo Transportation - Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)Sometimes travel experiences don’t go as planned. Especially during winter travel, unexpected delays and time spent on the runway waiting for those machines to deice the wings can cause a well-planned travel day to go haywire. When traveling for work this might not be so bad because who wants to go to that meeting anyway? When traveling for an important event you want to go to however, it can be a different story. If you have wedding guests coming in from out of town via plane, there are some steps you can take to make their travel day a little bit more enjoyable.

When they touchdown at the Metro Detroit airport, they may be a little worn out from a long day of airports and connecting flights. If you were them, the last thing you would want to figure out is how to get to the hotel! To help them not have to make that decision, get them their own limousine to pick them up right from  DTW airport and bring them to their accommodation. Having a Detroit Metro Airport limo reserved for your guests has tons of benefits, but here are just a few!

First Class Service with a Detroit Limo to Metro Detroit Airport

Even if they were stuffed into coach while on their cross-country flight, your guests will receive first class service when you hire a professional Metro Detroit limo rental company with DTW airport pickup. As soon as they claim their bags, their professional limousine driver will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible as they make their way to their hotel or first wedding event of the weekend. If you really want to give your guests a welcoming experience, arrange for some cold beverages to be waiting in the backseat for them!

Convenience for Your Guests with a Detroit Limo to Detroit Metro Airport

When your guests have all the transportation taken care of when they arrive in Detroit, they’ll feel like they’re on vacation already. Without having to worry about renting a car or navigating the streets of Detroit, your guests will realize just how convenient having a personal chauffeur is!

A Seamless End to the Weekend with a Detroit Limo to DTW

 When all the wedding festivities are over and it’s time for your guests to head back to Metro Detroit Airport, having a limo or SUV already reserved for them will save them time and money when they need to get from the hotel to the airport. Without having to worry about finding their own ride back to the terminal, your guests will be able to enjoy every last minute of your wonderful wedding weekend. They may be a little worn out from the night before, so this is a fantastic way to send them back to their hometowns!

For More Information on Airport Transportation for Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

Your guests put a lot of effort into making plans to get to Metro Detroit for your wedding, so why not show them how appreciative you are? Renting a limo or SUV to and from DTW will knock just one thing off of the list they have to do! To reserve an airport limo or SUV for Detroit Metro Airport for your guests, contact Detroit’s Choice for Transportation from Detroit Metro Airport!